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My name is Michael Connor. I am currently attending FD Digital Design and Development at HSAD.



Photography Proposal

Theme: Back Alleys.

For my first project for my photography project I have decided to go with a theme that is based on the back alleys in town. These back alleys can be anywhere from the alleys in old town to new town. The reason behind me deciding with this theme is because I have noticed throughout growing up that there are a lot of areas in town that still haven’t changed in years while area’s you wouldn’t expect to change have changed. What I am interested in the most about this project is the back alleys in old town because (obviously) those alleys are the oldest and have more history to them. I also understand the risks in taking the photos needed to complete this project, such as being weary of roads and the back alleys themselves as they could be an easy place to get mugged but to counter these risks I will travel with more people and make sure to use the crossings when needed.

Whitby Research


Welcome to Whitby. A wonderful Northeast dock town brimming with history that dates all the back to 71AD.  This website will inform you about all there is to know about Whitby and how it became the way it is today.

History: The Abbey.

The Whitby Abbey was first founded by Hilda of Whitby. Hilda of Whitby became a nun in the Abbey of Hartlepool in 647 then after a year of working there she became an abbess. Once she became an abbess she founded an Abbey in Whitby in 657 and became an extravagant Christian centre.

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