Coding: Task 4 payment gateways



  • Fast to set up
  • Simple
  • Elegant


  • Common
  • You get charged for setting up
  • You get charged for a transaction

Stripe is very easy to set up, it’s simple and elegant but compared to the disadvantages it may not be the best option because of the charges you get when setting it up and for transactions.



  • Flexible payments
  • Easy to access funds
  • Easy to setup
  • Fast to setup
  • Money is available quickly for transfer to bank account
  • Trusted brand
  • No setup fees
  • No annual fees
  • No recurring fees


  • Not a bank (bank laws don’t apply)
  • The ability to freeze your account
  • Percentage cost per transaction


PayPal in my opinion is the best payment gateway by far. With all of its advantages, it’s hard not to choose this payment gateway. With it being free, easy and fast to set up the only things you have to worry about are the disadvantages. With PayPal not being a bank they could freeze your account at any time they like. But if they’re trust worthy than there’s not need to worry.




  • No monthly fees
  • Set fees per quarter
  • Multiple currencies available at no extra cost
  • No percentage charge per transactions


  • Long setup time
  • Difficult to setup


SagePay does have some quality advantages if you take the time and effort to set it up but I’d recommend another payment gateway.


For my own website I would choose to use PayPal because it is extremely easy to set up, it’d probably only take about 10 minutes. It’s also very simple to use so if there are any people that use my website that have difficulties using computers it should be easy for them to use. It is also useful if any of my audiences are from other countries because they can also use PayPal because they payment automatically gets changed.


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